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This seasonal version of the timeless Hockenheim moccasin comes in Monogram denim with matching calf-leather trim. A staple of the Louis Vuitton shoe collection, this model is notable for its lightweight tubular construction, hand-stitched vamp and supple outsole with rubber nubs. It is signed with an LV Initials accessory on a bicolor ribbon.

Detailed Features

Bordeaux Red
Monogram denim
Bicolor ribbon
Hand-stitched vamp (1 hour per pair)
Tubular construction
Outsole with small rubber nubs
LV Initials accessory
Made in Italy

1A8Y5R 09.0

Hockenheim Mocassin – MEN – Shoes
MEN – Shoes – Loafers and Moccasins – Hockenheim Mocassin


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